Jin Chonshu (秦 崇秀, Japanese: Jin Chonshū, Pinyin: Qín Chóngxiù) first appears as the second boss character in Fatal Fury 3 and appears thorough the Real Bout series as a regular playable character. This collection only covers the first game. Fatal Fury is a series of fighting games made by SNK Playmore between 1991 and 1999. He uses the Drunken Fist style. Ultimate. His only other appearances in the series includes in the cut-scenes of Fatal Fury 2, where he is one of the fighters defeated by Wolfgang Krauser, and in Axel Hawk's ending in Fatal Fury Special, where he is depicted as Axel's trainer. Since then, Andy has always agreed to follow his brother Terry whenever he decided to enter the new version of the King of Fighters tournament. Duck King (ダック・キング, Dakku Kingu) appears in the original Fatal Fury as one of the first four opponents in the single-player mode. Kim Kaphwan 29 incarnations. Despite his social status, he seeks to find ways to make himself even richer. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition is a 3D fighting game. Classic editor History Talk (0) Share. He shared the spot with four other characters, including Fatal Fury character, Joe Higashi, and Street Fighter character, Zangief. Mai Shiranui (不知火 舞, Shiranui Mai?) Ryo Sakazaki von Art of Fighting hatte einen Gastauftritt als geheimer Endgegner. Playable Characters: 1.1. However, she is secretly ashamed of this, especially after she was told by a boy she had a crush on that women wrestlers are "unfeminine", after hearing this she wanted to drop out of her wrestling training. Rock Howard 8 incarnations. The characters from Fatal Fury have received major positive reaction with GamesRadar calling Terry Bogard as "one of SNK's most memorable characters," as 86th "most memorable, influential, and badass" protagonist in games. She also, as a Super Special Leader Move in KOF XI, takes off her left shoe and beats her opponent with it. Neo Geo MVS & AES; Neo Geo CD; Hyper … Jin Chonrei (秦 崇雷, Japanese: Jin Chonrei, Pinyin: Qín Chóngléi, also romanized as Qin Chong-Lei) appears in Fatal Fury 3 as the third and final boss character featured in the game and appears as a regular playable character thorough the Real Bout series. [21][22][23] On the other hand, Anime News Network's Bamboo Dong enjoyed the portrayal of the characters in the films, particularly praising Terry's character development as "Most adaptations of this nature barely let their characters show any weaknesses at all, much less an extended period of insecurity and despair, so it was pretty compelling seeing Terry's journey through his dark period. Her crew saves her from being trapped under the rubble, but fails to secure any of the treasure they had been looking for. He is said to have the strongest psychokinetic power in the history of the art's style. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Brian Battler is a male character in The King of Fighters franchise. He appears again near the end of the game, where he is defeated in battle by Wolfgang Krauser, as well in Terry Bogard's ending, serving him and his date their meal. Characters are listed by game of introduction. Series' creator Takashi Nishiyama said the depth of the characters was of great importance when making the series. Actors: 22 Characters: 33 Shows: 2 Movies: 1 Games: 7 Voice Compares: 13. Add new page. In Fatal Fury 2, Duck was one of the characters from the original game who is defeated by Krauser in one of the game's cut scenes, although he would appear as a playable character in Fatal Fury Special. Fatal Fury – The first game of the Fatal Fury series allowed players to select one of three … He is the younger half of the Jin brothers seeking the Three Secret Scrolls of the Jin. You wouldn't like to make to make him angry. He also has a hidden special move called the Fire Breath, an improved version of his Vapor Breath. He uses his mind-controlling abilities to make people his personal toys, manipulating them to his desire. A male character from the Fatal Fury franchise. This version also retains most of the slowdown that was present in the original, something that would be mostly fixed for later titles. His primary special move is a flying cannonball technique. With new rules in KOF '99 allowing teams of four members, Mai Shiranui (in KOF '99) and, later, Blue Mary (KOF 2000) joined the team. He would appear as a playable character in Fatal Fury Special, the upgraded version of Fatal Fury 2. Blue Mary is a female fighter in the Fatal Fury and King of Fighter games. Fatal Fury: First Contact was an impressive little fighter when it first appeared on SNK’s ill-fated competitor to the Game Boy Color more than two decades ago. Richard appears as a hidden character in the PlayStation 2 game KOF: Maximum Impact 2 (released in North America as The King of Fighters 2006), participating as a fighter for the first time since the original Fatal Fury. In Real Bout, he gains the Monkey Dance special move and two Hidden Abilities, the Mad Spin Wolf and the Wolf's Fang. He is also the teacher of boxing and the best friend of Michael Max. Mai Shiranui is the girl he grew up with who is in madly in love with him and self-proclaimed him her fiancé and the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, the man he learned Ninjitsu from. [16] Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez wrote "one of Fatal Fury 2's biggest contributions to the medium was that it was the first game to introduce a character with breasts that moved on their own. He makes another quick cameo in Bob Wilson's ending Fatal Fury 3 before returning as a playable character in Real Bout Fatal Fury and its sequels, Real Bout Special and Real Bout 2. He is an elderly martial arts master from China who developed his own fighting style based on Bajiquan known as the Holy Fist of Eight Ways (八極聖拳, Hakkyokuseiken). [6] He is a casino show boxer known as the "White Wolf of the Ring", who is the son of a Native American father and a white mother. Sep 22, 2020 - The King of Fighters '96 character profiles, images, sprites, and more! He rescues his son in his ending in Fatal Fury 3 and trains to make his comeback in the Real Bout series. Richard makes cameo appearances in subsequent Fatal Fury games as a friendly acquaintance of the Bogard brothers and Joe. Introduced in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters in 1991, he is an American fighter who enters the worldwide "The King of Fighters" tournaments to kill his father Jeff's murderer, Geese Howard. Ultimate. All of his special moves reference animals in some way, as his Fatal Fury 3 Special Moves are the Wild Wolf, the Bison's Horn, the Lynx's Fang, the Rolling Turtle, and the Hornet Attack. His only appearance has been in Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Gato first appears in the King of Fighters series in King of Fighters 2003 as part of the Outlaw Team, along with Ryuji Yamazaki and Billy Kane. Gato also appears in the ending of Hotaru Futaba, who claims that he's her older brother and slaps him when he denies even knowing her. Best known for her outfit (or lack thereof). He is heavily featured in their company crossovers. Kim, following his "reform" of his previous teammates (Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge), seeks out Hwa Jai and Raiden as he believes they still work under Geese Howard. In the game, he appears as meek elderly man, but after taking a bit of damage, he transforms into a musclebound warrior, whose special moves including a flying whirlwind punch and a spinning whirlwind kick in which he shoots fireballs at both directions. Fatal Fury: King of Fighters is a 1991 head-to-head fighting game released by SNK for the Neo Geo arcade and home platforms. [15] Avi Krebs from GamingExcellence.com commented that Billy Kane is one of the hardest boss characters from the first Fatal Fury, but he remains "pale" in comparison to Geese. In Fatal Fury 3, Richard opens a new Pao Pao Cafe restaurant, which is maintained by his capoeira apprentice Bob Wilson. Although Jubei does not return as a playable character in later games, he makes several cameo appearances, including in Mai Shiranui's ending in Real Bout Fatal Fury, where he is shown to have an infatuation with her. He is also the friend and student of boxing of Axel Hawk. It was after his foster father Jeff's death that Tung Fu Rue took responsibility for raising him and Terry. Despite having been absent since his original appearance as an opponent character in Fatal Fury, Hwa Jai has been confirmed to return in The King of Fighters XIII and marks the first time the character has been playable. When the new King of Fighters '94 tournament was announced, Andy joined Terry and Joe in the new 3-on-3 matches. [20], THEM Anime Reviews criticized the characterization of the main characters in the three films citing them as "one-dimensional" and also the villains. Cheng Sinzan is a recurring rotund male character in the Fatal Fury series. Ever since Geese's death, the fall of the First Southtown and the birth of Second Southtown, Andy has been busy training his young apprentice Hokutomaru in the ways of the Shiranui-style ninjitsu and Koppo-ken. Jubei Yamada (山田 十平衛, Yamada Jūbei) is one of the five playable characters introduced in Fatal Fury 2. Possessing incredible talent when it comes to brawling and street dancing, Duck King once challenged Terry Bogard to a street fight and lost. Fatal Fury. Seeking to defeat Joe, he became a more reckless and dangerous fighter. In The King of Fighters timeline, Tung played a vital role in XIV. Her moves are mostly made up of attacks by swooping her dress (in moves such as specials "The Hind" and "Crazy Ivan" and Super Special Move "Aurora") and she is able to control the wind (being reflected in her projectile attack "Buffrass" and her Super Special Move "Too Many Torpedoes"). Characters. He is notable for being one of five bullfighter characters in fighting games (the other three being Vega of Street Fighter, Miguel of Human Killing Machine, Miguel Caballero Rojo of Tekken, and Kilian of Samurai Shodown). Secret Character: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special had the EX characters: alternate versions of some characters that had different special moves and personality, almost as an Evil Twin (inverted with Billy, who instead has a Good Twin). According to a profile of one of his disciples, and the protagonist central character of that arc, Shun'ei, Tung found Shun'ei after his biological parents abandoned him for having an eerie powers, related to the main antagonist of that arc. He is a police officer from Hong Kong who specializes in using a nunchaku. His Real Bout 2 ending shows him trapping a demon larger than a house within a single paper talisman. In Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, Chonrei becomes an apprentice of Tung Fu Rue, as seen in their corresponding ending (although Kim's ending in the game depicts Chonrei training as Kim's disciple along with his brother). Fatal Fury is one of SNK's most prominent fighting game franchises, usually focusing on the "lone wolf" Terry Bogard, the fall of the criminal empire of Geese Howard, and the fictional "King of Fighters" tournament in fictional South Town. The story of the series is set in the fictional city of Southtown, USA, and starts many years before the events of the first game, when martial artist Jeff Bogard adopts two orphans, whom he names Terry and Andy. Tung Fu Rue. Gato (牙刀, Gatō) is a character from Garou: Mark of the Wolves and the King of Fighters series. When John flew to Russian airspace, MiG missiles were sent after him, but he managed to outfly them without getting struck. Tung also appears in the SNK crossover game NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. send you an email once approved. A gameplay of the hidden character Lao in the Neo Geo Pocket Color game Fatal Fury F-Contact. Hwa Jai accepts, partially due to wanting to fight Joe once again. The Fatal Fury Team maintained his original formation (Terry, Andy and Joe) from King of Fighters '94 to '98. After butting heads with her overbearing father, Kantetsu will allow her to drop out, but only under the condition that she brings a decisive victory in the King of Fighters tournament. Fatal Fury. White enjoys playing around with those foolish enough to challenge him, using the great amount of power that he possesses. To seek revenge, Tizoc adopted a new "heel" persona, King of Dinosaurs, relying on his teammates Angel and Ramon to help cover his former identity. In this game, his character specializes in numerous kick techniques. The fighting itself feels very smooth and the 2-lane system, makes for more interesting gameplay, however it can make rounds more annoying if someone tries to constantly evade you using the lane system. Hotaru is the daughter of a family of martial artists, but is not very fond of violence. Outside the Fatal Fury series, Jin Chonshu and Jin Chonrei have appeared in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. 1 Pre-Fatal Fury 2 2 Fatal Fury 2 3 Fatal Fury 3 4 Personality 4.1 Powers 5 Sprites 6 Gallery Mai Shiranui was under the tutelage of her grandfather Hanzo. He was once a popular face wrestler until he was betrayed by his tag partner during a match (a character later revealed to be Big Bombarder from the SNK wrestling game 3 Count Bout). Latest Images. [8] Some of Tsugumi's move names reference her hometown, like "Tsūtenkaku Driver", "Naniwa Lariat", and "Okonomiyaki-Ire". In Garou: Mark of the Wolves, he becomes a member in B. Jenet's Lillien Knights crew. From The MUGEN ARCHIVE wiki Unchecked. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Fatal Fury character yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! In The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2, her parents are revealed to be incredibly wealthy; she formed the Lillien Knights when she became bored of her tedious lifestyle. Alfred appears in later games, such as the Dreamcast version of The King of Fighters '99 (as secret striker), in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash series (as a trading card) and in KOF: Maximum Impact 2 and KOF 2002: Unlimited Match (as a cameo in one of the stages). Hotaru Futaba (双葉 ほたる, Futaba Hotaru) is a character who was introduced in Garou: Mark of the Wolves and also makes an appearance in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and in the PS2 version of The King of Fighters XI. The Fatal Fury universe (餓狼伝説, Legend of the Hungry Wolf) refers to the Super Smash Bros. series' collection of characters, stages, and properties hailing from the series of fighting games developed for the Neo Geo. Cheerful Capoeira male fighter in Fatal Fury 3 and the Real Bout Fatal Fury games. He is apparently hospitalized and visited by Joe Higashi, as seen in Joe's ending in the game and in Fatal Fury Special. In Fatal Fury 3 his son is kidnapped by Yamazaki, who blackmails him into helping him obtain the Secret Scrolls of the Jin. Terry Bogard is the male protagonist of the Fatal Fury series and SNK's mascot character. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai revealed what Terry Bogard is going to look like in action. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Geese's power proved to be too much for Andy as he almost fell to his death. In Gamest's 1997 Heroes Collection, Joe was voted as the staff's thirty-ninth favorite character. Richard Meyer (リチャード・マイヤー, Richādo Maiyā) appears in the original Fatal Fury as one of the first four computer-controlled opponents in the single-player mode. One day, he received an anonymous letter inviting him to the King of Fighters tournament and began training for his comeback. When he was young, his friend John (the elderly co-pilot who accompanies Alfred) took him on a trip on his biplane. Characters are listed by game of introduction. He is also one of the 20 background characters that appears in the King Of Fighters Stadium Stage in Super Smash Bros. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Home. This version also retains most of the slowdown that was present in the original, something that would be mostly fixed for later titles. He is heavily featured in their company crossovers. Hwa Jai (ホア・ジャイ, Hoa Jai) is the first of three opponents the player faces in the original Fatal Fury before the final match against Geese Howard. A capoeira mestre originally from Brazil, Richard makes his daily living in South Town as the manager of the restaurant Pao Pao Cafe. The sixth installment of SNK's Fatal Fury series, bringing back the multi-line fighting system of earlier Fatal Fury games while removing the "ring out" mechanic of the original Real Bout and adding four characters from Fatal Fury Special. He also has a special dodging maneuver called Full Moon Fever. Duck King is a male character from the Fatal Fury and KOF series. Welcome to Fatal Fury Wiki This is Fatal Fury Wiki, a project that was created for fans of Fatal Fury. He seeks the opportunity to fight in a championship match as well as fight Terry Bogard. is a character from both the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series of fighting games by SNK (now SNK Playmore). Terry Bogard is one of three main protagonists of the Fatal Fury series along with his brother Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi. Billy Kane 20 incarnations. Lost Password Recovery Form. In the backstory of Real Bout Special, it is revealed that Cheng was once a disciple of Tung Fu Rue trained in Hakkyoku Seiken along with Jeff Bogard and Geese Howard, but was expelled due to his greediness. In the animes, Tung Fu Rue is the former teacher of Andy, Terry, Geese, Cheng Sinzan, and Terry and Andy’s father Jeff. “P.ZZ..” will find “PUZZLE”.) The scrolls are eventually taken by Geese Howard and in the original Real Bout Fatal Fury the Jin brothers participate in the King of Fighters tournament to recover them. He shared the spot with four other characters, including Fatal Fury character, Jin Chonrei, and Street Fighter character, Zangief. Terry Bogard 40 incarnations. Duck King (ダック・キング, Dakku Kingu) appears in the original Fatal Fury as one of the first four opponents in the single-player mode. This allowed them to reveal more character details which in turn lead to more fans. Not satisfied with venting his frustration in the ring, he enters the King of Fighters tournament as a masked fighter, acting as one of Geese's guardians. Tung Fu Rue. Outside the Fatal Fury series, Raiden also appeared in the Capcom-produced crossover game Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, and its sequels, Capcom vs. SNK Pro and Capcom vs. SNK 2, being one of the few Fatal Fury characters who did not appeared in The King of Fighters as a playable character (at the time) in those games. His Special Moves in Fatal Fury 2, as well as in Fatal Fury Special, includes the Thunderblast Powerball (氣雷砲, Kiraihō), the Belly Drum Blast (大太鼓腹打, Daitaikobarauchi), and the Avalanche Crunch (破岩激, Hagangeki), while his Super Special Move is the Exploding Thunder Powerball (爆雷砲, Bakuraihō). She's known to have a crush on Terry Bogard. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. In KOF XI he is partnered with B. Jenet and Tizoc to form a Garou Team. Outside the Fatal Fury series, Krauser appears as a member of the Boss Team in The King of Fighters '96 with his half-brother Geese and Geese's former partner-in-crime Mr. Big. Following her premonitions, Hotaru entered the tournament as well. [26], Voiced by: Rei Saitō (Japanese); Gina Rose (, "The Dorklyst: The 7 Most Stereotypical Native American Characters in Fighting Game History (Page 2)", "Tsugumi Sendo's profile from the official, http://www.4gamer.net/games/317/G031749/20160613002/, "Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1 Review", "How Video Game Breasts Are Made (And Why They Can Go Wrong)", IGN: Fatal Fury: Mark of The Wolves Review, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Fatal_Fury_characters&oldid=997506753, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 21:17. He would retain his cannonball technique, now dubbed the Head Spin Attack, along with new special moves such as the Dancing Dive, Break Storm, and the Beat Rush. When Andy won, he invited Joe to return to America with him to enter the King of Fighters tournament, held by Geese. 1.2. The Unlimited Dragon's Street Fighter, DragonBall Z, And Fatal Fury Page | home. Li Xiangfei (Chinese: 李 香緋; Pinyin: Lǐ Xiāngfēi; Japanese: 李 香緋 Rii Shanfei) makes her first appearance in Real Bout 2. Gameplay. View all (35) images Game details. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. In Fatal Fury 3, they head to South Town to seek the Secret Scrolls of the Jin in order to unleash their true power. Haohmaru is the main protagonist in the fighting game series "Samurai Shodown" by SNK. A former Spanish matador who uses a self-styled martial art based on his deadly bullfighting methods (His fighting style is very similar to the fencing, the French martial art of the Savate and the Basque martial art of the Zipota). Geese Howard is a male character in the Fatal Fury universe.

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