[73], As they stopped at an inn for the evening, Wei Wuxian again persuaded Lan Wangji to drink with him. [39], Wei Wuxian ultimately remembered none of the events following Nightless City. [106], As Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji attempted to suppress Nie Mingjue's corpse, Jin Ling's shout for Jin Guangyao to run caused Nie Mingjue to mistake Jin Ling for Jin Guangyao. Web Series [44], Mo Ziyuan's frequent accomplice A-Tong then strangled himself with his left hand, providing an insight into the nature of the spirit. As the Gusu Lan Clan juniors defended him, noting that the work was of an evil spirit, rather than a human. Lu Zhi (159–192), courtesy name Zigan, was an ancient Chinese general, government official, and scholar during the Eastern Han dynasty.According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, he was the mentor of Liu Bei and Gongsun Zan, and was described as a tall man (approximately 1.89 metres or 6'2") with a sonorous voice. Basically, in the 3 adaptations (donghua, audio drama which is basically the novel in audio format and live action), Wei Ying and Lan Zhan each have 2 voice actors. MDZS Q Wen Ning saved him from an arrow, and Jin Zixun appeared with three-hundred cultivators to ambush him. [75], Back in their room, Lan Wangji played hide-and-seek with Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian could not resist briefly kissing his lips, an action that startled himself. [58] The person was none other than Nie Huaisang, who quickly explained the purpose of the castles as the Qinghe Nie Clan's ancestral hall. The mystery will be solved and the truth will be revealed. Unfortunately, his frenzied thoughts were interrupted by a headless Fierce Corpse – the Demonic Left Arm's body had pieced itself together. "[104], In response, Wei Wuxian smiled and replied that he made "a lot of sense." [104], Jin Guangyao then suggested that Wei Wuxian stop pitying himself, remarking, "Even if Su She didn’t curse Jin Zixun, Master Wei, you’d receive a siege sooner or later, because of some other reason... Because that’s what kind of a person you are. Lan Qiren forced him to copy the rules as punishment, but Nie Huaisang quickly offered to do the work for Wei Wuxian, so long as Wei Wuxian assisted him on his exams. Wei Wuxian followed them for four days, killing all of the members of the Qishan Wen Clan he found along the way. [105], Lan Xichen, however, questioned Jin Guangyao on many of his alleged misdeeds, receiving explanations in turn, including that his father had asked him to set up Wei Wuxian's downfall. When Young Master Qin requested that Lan Wangji guard the door instead, presuming him to be a virgin, Wei Wuxian burst into laughter. Audio Drama [134], During the Sunshot Campaign's battle at Nightless City, Wei Wuxian was strangled by Wen Ruohan following his use of the Yin Tiger Tally. [20][21], In the resulting fight, Wang Lingjiao fired off Signal Fireworks to summon many members of the Qishan Wen Clan to Lotus Pier. [48], After speaking with a ghost, Wei Wuxian realized the truth behind the soul-stealing events on Dafan Mountain. Zhang Jie (donghua)Lu Zhixing (audio drama)Xiao Zhan (The Untamed). [124], Due to censorship, the animation softened the gruesome nature of Wen Chao and Wang Lingjiao's deaths at Wei Wuxian's hands. Animation Season 1, Episode 1 Yunmeng Jiang (Former)Gusu Lan (Current, by marriage) [14], Wen Chao was the primary overseer of the training camp, and, as he had fared poorly in the archery competition, he particularly bullied the three winners who attended the training: Lan Wangji, Jin Zixuan, and Wei Wuxian. [36], Beside himself with devastation, Wei Wuxian was further horrified when Wen Qing and Wen Ning announced that Koi Tower had demanded their surrender as conditions for a truce. He was surprised to see junior disciples of the Gusu Lan Clan, but, improvising his role as a "lunatic," Wei Wuxian made a scene to embarrass the Mo family. [23], Wei Wuxian waited in a small village for Jiang Cheng to return, but upon entering a teashop, quickly realized something was amiss. Madam Jin then arrived to scold her son, and Jin Zixun led multiple cultivators, including Clan Leader Yao, to confront Wei Wuxian for taking too much prey. Thus, the three cultivators went to rest in the small, elegant Bamboo Cottage nearby, as it was owned by the Gusu Lan Clan. Jiang Cheng attempted to lecture him for causing trouble, and when Jiang Fengmian attempted to correct him, Yu Ziyuan arrived to vent her anger over her husband's favoritism. [86], Eventually, the adults joined in to use their sharp swords despite their lack of spiritual power, but when another wave of Fierce Corpses approached, Wei Wuxian elected to draw a Spirit-Attraction Flag on his own body to allow the others to escape, with only Lan Wangji and Wen Ning to protect him. Jin Guangyao himself pushed Lan Xichen away before his neck was broken by Nie Mingjue. [93], That night, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian stayed in an inn, and Wei Wuxian again convinced Lan Wangji to drink with him in an attempt to learn Lan Wangji's real feelings. He dragged his former brother back to his quarters, where he interrogated him, and Wei Wuxian acknowledged his true identity. When her soul was shattered by a talisman, Wei WUxian used another spirit-trapping bag to salvage it. [29], When Jin Zixun told him to wait for at least several hours, Wei Wuxian grew impatient. [29], Wei Wuxian quickly accused the guards of not considering any member of the Qishan Wen Clan people. As one blood relative of each clan was required to attend, though Wei Wuxian quickly declared that he wished to attend alongside the required Jiang Cheng. Wei Wuxian, somewhat embarrassed to have released these ghouls, agreed to send them away, but not before using Empathy to understand their grudge against Jin Guangyao. [28][31], The two then encountered Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli. [104], Recalling Jin Zixun's arrogance and Su She's hatred of anyone he deemed arrogant, Wei Wuxian realized that this was likely true. [50], When Jiang Cheng arrived and quickly surmised Wei Wuxian's identity, Wei Wuxian attempted to flee, only to be struck by Zidian in a futile attempt to expel his soul. Joined: Oct 25, 2017 Messages: 49 ... "Yet, as Wei WuXian glances to his side, he sees Lan WangJi stands alongside him. The Round-Faced Girl gave him directions to the cave of the Goddess Statue, and as he rushed towards the location, Wei Wuxian encountered Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi. [35], Not long after, Wen Ning and Wei Wuxian went into Yiling and encountered Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli. Jiang Cheng commanded his nephew to kill "Mo Xuanyu," as he earnestly hated Demonic Cultivators. In order to see her face, whenever he came to the garden, he purposefully recited poetry wrong to anger her into striking him with flowers and throwing him out of her garden. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The innkeeper then interrupted to investigate a complaint that water was leaking from their floor, and, horrified at his cruel actions, Wei Wuxian requested separate rooms for the rest of the night. Lu Zhixing perfectly shows how cold Wei Wuxian now sounds in contrast to his cheerful and free-spirited self, and Zhang Jie captures the same effect, then takes it up several notches by having Wei Wuxian sound like he's an otherworldly being that came straight from the realm of the dead. Jiang Cheng thrust his nephew behind him, and Wei Wuxian threw many talismans, but only Wen Ning taking the killing blow for them stopped Nie Mingjue's attack. Episode 1Episode 1 (MDZS Q) [16] Wei Wuxian reflected again that Jin Guangyao had taken his place as the pariah of the cultivation society. [37], Wei Wuxian brutally kicks the man who had spread the most untruths, before seeing the announcement spread across a city gate: a pledge conference to oppose the Yiling Patriarch, to be held in Nightless City. And this is something you have no control over. After telling Wen Ning to fetch Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian saw none other than Fairy below, and Jin Ling attempting to climb the wall. [5], Wei Wuxian earned further disapproval by suggesting that the harnessing of resentful energy could enable cultivators to bypass need for a Golden Core. After admitting the sounds were indeed severe, Lan Xichen told Wei Wuxian to use the cold springs to heal himself. [63], Taking advantage of the situation, Wei Wuxian left the inn to summon Wen Ning. [13], Wei Wuxian also encountered Lan Wangji for the first time after the Cloud Recesses shortly before the archery competition. [74], Although they had left the inn, they were interrupted by Jin Ling's argument with Lan Sizhui on the subject of Wei Wuxian, as Jin Ling refused to tolerate any remarks that did not fully condemn Wei Wuxian. Jin Ling stayed, using a mirror to safely observe any spirit through the paper windows. [38], Jiang Yanli wordlessly expressed that she had come because she to see Wei Wuxian again, and aloud, requested that he stop the corpses. Although Jiang Fengmian had told the boys to share a bedroom, Wei Wuxian was promptly locked out by the frustrated Jiang Cheng. [115] Although he allowed Wei Wuxian to believe he had purchased the food from a restaurant, Wei Wuxian later discovered that Lan Wangji had prepared it himself. [29], In the aftermath of the war, the Lanling Jin Clan held a lavish banquet. He was the fourth son of Lu Kang , a general of the state of Eastern Wu in the Three Kingdoms period, and a grandson of Lu Xun , a prominent general and statesman who served as the third Imperial Chancellor of Eastern Wu. Jiang Cheng was ultimately injured protecting Wei Wuxian from Jin Guangyao's sudden attack. Realizing he needed Bichen for Wen Ning's chains, Wei Wuxian turned around to leave, only to see Lan Wangji standing behind him. Although Wei Wuxian seemed to believe Sisi's motives, he also expressed suspicion that Bicao had been paid to speak out, given the expensive bracelet she wore. [4], Unfortunately, Wei Wuxian's intense fear of dogs led to Jiang Cheng being forced to give away his puppies. The three investigated the Room of Forbidden Books to identify the music, and[79] Lan Wangji happened to find missing pages from Collection of Turmoil, adding to the growing evidence that Jin Guangyao had hastened Nie Mingjue's qi deviation. Novel As they investigated, however, they noticed an array to suppress an unknown spirit surrounding the temple. He then took the two halves of the Yin Tiger Tally and placed them together to commence the battle known as the Bloodbath of Nightless City. However, after he was again caught, Wei Wuxian refused to move from his position lying atop Lan Wangji. [107], Nie Mingjue killed Su She before turning to Jin Guangyao. [44], Only one cut should have remained, but it, too, vanished. However, another woman had been taking credit for it, and when Jin Zixuan found Jiang Yanli in his room one day, he accused her of lying to get close to him when she confessed the truth. Lan Wangji responded by kissing him fiercely, before destroying the tub and throwing Wei Wuxian onto the bed. Wei Wuxian suggested a tavern as the perfect place to glean information, and their waiter eagerly informed them of the story involving the massacre of the Yueyang Chang Clan,[61] and the survivor Chang Ping's subsequent murder a few years later. However, just then, Nie Huaisang cried out that his ankle had been cut by Su She, who was attempting to escape with Jin Guangyao. Using Chenqing, Wei Wuxian then awoke those who had died and been buried to cover the guards' abuse, including Wen Ning. [115], Lan Wangji then surprised Wei Wuxian with Hunan cuisine, knowing he had not eaten at the banquet. Although Lan Wangji advocated for Wei Wuxian's trustworthiness to Lan Xichen, Wei Wuxian understood that Lan Xichen was reluctant to trust the Yiling Patriarch over his sworn brother. [78], Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian rushed towards the room, though Jin Ling barred the way. He continued his charade as the lunatic Mo Xuanyu, complaining against Jiang Cheng's use of power, even asking if Jiang Cheng wished to take him back to Lotus Pier for sexual purposes, before adding that Lan Wangji was more his type. [33], Taking pity on Wen Yuan, a toddler on the Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian brought him to Yiling to shop for food. He helped himself a cask before refilling it with water. For example, Wang Kai note Still, she was not mortally wounded, and Lan Wangji quickly dispatched the corpse. [86], The juniors, however, refused to flee, especially Lan Sizhui. The juniors and Nie Huaisang were able to convince the adults to retreat into the cave, and Lan Qiren helped repair an old array written on the floor of the cave. View All Seasons. Determined to beat Jin Zixuan, Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji to borrow his forehead ribbon to use as a blindfold, but Lan Wangji refused. Portrayed by Jin Guangyao demanded that Lan Wangji seal his spiritual powers, and, despite Wei Wuxian's protests, Lan Wangji quickly obeyed. [43], As he wandered outside Mo Manor, Wei Wuxian realized that the juniors were using using an array of Spirit-Attraction Flags, his own invention. After graduating from Peking University, he worked as a reporter and voice actor at Beijing TV. The dynasty of "The Master of the Demon Road" is overhead, and there is no explanation in the novel. When Jiang Cheng approached and failed to stab his brother, Wei Wuxian seized the chance to fall. He soon left the banquet after another argument with Jin Zixuan. Wei Wuxian teased him that his forehead ribbon was crooked, although it truly was not, to Lan Wangji's vexation. The Wei brother at that time was very energetic, and the second son of Lan was outstanding at that time. Personal Information After over twenty incorrect recitations, he finally saw the Damsel’s face. She ordered them not to return to Lotus Pier, to flee to her Meishan Yu Clan to find Jiang Yanli, and requested that Wei Wuxian protect Jiang Cheng with his life. [9], Upon their return to the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian agreed to purchase liquor for Nie Huaisang and Jiang Cheng. [38], Suddenly, Jiang Yanli shoved him, and a sword pierced her own throat instead. [3], Lan Wangji was displeased to find him with the curse mark on himself, and finally called him by the name "Wei Ying." Author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu published the BL novel Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) in 2016. After tying it around Young Master Qin's neck, the servant's corpse departed at last. [51], He then attempted to sneak away. He is an intelligent, bright, optimistic, mischievous but good-hearted cultivator, whose intelligence and strength lie more in his ability to invent new spiritual techniques and inventions not defined by conventional cultivation methods. Wen Qing paralyzed Wei Wuxian for three days, and her last words to him were "Thank you, and I'm sorry. [2], After his parents' deaths, he lived on the streets of Yiling, and developed a fear of dogs from traumatic experiences fighting them for food. Despite this, unable to stay away from each other, their relationship develops anyway. While he initially held the upper hand against Jin Guangyao, the latter used his suspicions of the Golden Core issue to distract his opponent. [120], At Wei Wuxian's direction, the juniors then investigated the grounds around the Bai Residence, and Lan Sizhui discovered a rusted, bleeding iron hook. Wei Changze † (father)Cangse Sanren † (mother)Lan Sizhui (adopted son) [79], On a hunch, Wei Wuxian played the song he had heard Jin Guangyao play for Nie Mingjue in Empathy. Manhua [17], Lan Wangji revealed to Wei Wuxian that the Gusu Lan Clan could not save them, admitting tearfully that his father was dying and his brother was missing. Lan Wangji was the only cultivator left standing, and with the help of Wei Wuxian's bamboo flute, their duet of Rest managed to pacify the Demonic Left Arm. Wei Wuxian also realized that the juniors had been lured to Yi City to die, though he was unsure why. Although Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji maintained a working relationship, although they frequently argued over the latter's methods. He was able to invent and expand the powers of Demonic Cultivation to kill an entire supervisory office in just three months. However, once he mastered his demonic techniques, he sought out Wang Lingjiao, Wen Chao, and Wen Zhuliu as his first victims. Wei Ying (Hanzi: 魏婴; Pinyin: Wèi Yīng), nama kehormatan Wuxian (Hanzi: 无羡; Pinyin: Wúxiàn), sehingga juga dikenal sebagai Wei Wuxian (Hanzi: 魏无羡; Pinyin: Wèi Wúxiàn). Under Wei Wuxian's methods, Wang Lingjiao bit off Wen Chao's penis before choking to death as she attempted to swallow a chair leg. Wei Ying (魏婴, Wèi Yīng ), courtesy name Wei Wuxian (魏无羡, Wèi Wúxiàn) was the founder of Demonic Cultivation and a former disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan . Lan Wangji promptly took Wei Wuxian away on Bichen to heal him in the Cloud Recesses. [16], After Jiang Cheng located the exit in the pool, Wei Wuxian distracted the Tortoise of Slaughter so that the others could escape. [38], Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Jiang Cheng all rushed for her, but in his current state of mind, Wei Wuxian could not control the corpse that slashed her in the back. As Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian both played melodies to control him, Wei Wuxian successfully restored his consciousness. Wei Ying getting kissed by Lan Zhan. To the everyone's surprise, Lan Wangji requested that Wei Wuxian be taken into his personal quarters, the Jingshi. [38], Lan Wangji attempted to reason with him, but Wei Wuxian was convinced that he wished to kill him, even claiming that he had known they were destined to fight each other. [39], Wei Wuxian successfully destroyed half of the Yin Tiger Tally before his death. ", Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng were sent to study with the Gusu Lan Clan's famous teacher, Lan Qiren. [11], At some point during his youth, Wei Wuxian ventured to Tanzhou, determined to see the secret face of the Damsel of Annual Blossoms. [12], After this, he went about praising her beauty. Jin Guangyao also broke the Silence Spell to insist that he never would have hurt Lan Xichen, and accused Nie Huaisang of tricking him. As he traveled, he encountered lower-level cultivators, including the kind Round-Faced Girl, on their way to Dafan Mountain to hunt a soul-stealing entity. However, the husband of Madam Mo soon died. A battle began once Wei Wuxian used Chenqing to raise the many corpses around Nightless City. Although Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji the name, he fell unconscious before he learned it. [4], Jiang Yanli eventually found Wei Wuxian later that night, where he hid in a tree. Announcing that he despised anyone who mentioned the name of the man who had killed his parents, Wei Wuxian became concerned for his nephew's arrogance, and decided to "do some tinkering. [10], Lan Qiren summoned Jiang Fengmian and Jin Guangshan to the Cloud Recesses to discuss the matter, and ultimately, when Jiang Fengmian departed, he took Wei Wuxian back to Lotus Pier with him. Although the time and location of its use are not specified, he used the weapon in the presence of Jin Guangshan, implies he may have used the Yin Tiger Tally at Langya. Please help improve this article by editing it. However, Jiang Cheng awoke to confess that his Golden Core had been melted by Wen Zhuliu, believing his life was worthless if he could not cultivate. They performed an exorcism and burnt it, expecting peace would be restored to the Bai Residence. Wei Wuxian realized that Madam Mo must already be dead as well, and soon enough, she too was revealed to be possessed. Because this is a Danmei novel, and in China, the period … Afraid of being seen by someone he believed despised him, Wei Wuxian promptly fled the village. [10], Jiang Cheng insisted on carrying Wei Wuxian due to his injuries, although Wei Wuxian's theatrics earned the concern of Lan Xichen. [77], At the evening banquet preceding the conference, Wei Wuxian noticed many cultivators of the Lanling Jin Clan watching him with suspicion. When Wei Wuxian burst in to compliment him, Wen Ning promptly fled. Status Full Cast & Crew. On his way to the competition, however, Wei Wuxian noticed Wen Ning practicing archery in a garden. Discerning that the entire truth was still withheld, Wei Wuxian gave Lan Sizhui a talisman bearing nothing but a random scribble to present to Master Qin. [28], During the Sunshot Campaign, Wei Wuxian also developed the Yin Tiger Tally from the iron sword he had originally found in the Tortoise of Slaughter. Eventually, however, Lan Xichen's insistence that Jin Guangyao show them the room won out, revealing treasures such as the Assassin's Dagger and Suibian, but no head.

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