When the Header row CheckBox is checked (selected), all … I have a grid that when put in edit mode has a popup editform that has another grid containing records with checkboxes in the grid column edit template. Further during the implementation, I faced a validation requirement of “Select at least one checkbox” before proceeding. Re: Select all checkboxes clicking header checkbox inside DataTableModule -PrimeNg Jul 21, 2019 06:05 PM | bruce (sqlwork.com) | LINK As this is a pure angular question, you should try an angular forum like stackoverflow. The TreeView doesn't have a Header. In addition, row selection is enabled (AllowRowSelect = true) which allows each item to be selected when … The Header that you see is the WPF replacement for Text property. How can I select or deselect all rows in the Kendo UI Grid for jQuery with a Select All header checkbox?. Solution. What you can do is to have a StackPanel and add a CheckBox and a TreeView in it. I want to add a checkbox in the header that when selected will toggle the checkboxes in all the rows to checked or unchecked. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The demo presents how to check/uncheck all grid rows upon clicking the checkbox inside a template column HeaderTemplate.To accomplish this task we attach the CheckAll() function to the onclick attribute of the checkbox inside the column header. Description. All child checkboxes will be checked/un-checked using a Parent checkbox (in Header).